One-to-One Online Classes

One-to-One Exam Readiness

One-to-One Exam Readiness

£35.00 £22.00

Please Note:

Kindly read this before you go ahead to book the session with our tutor.

-We handpick our tutors who have cracked the exams, tournaments, competitions themselves and are now tutors.

-Based on the child’s assessment results , feedback from their previous Hunarly tutors (if any) and availability, we arrange a tutor for you.

As we are NOT an agency to connect tutors to students, we do not encourage you to share the child’s and the tutor’s personal contacts. Please do not request, contact or share other class details directly with our tutors . Feel free to talk to us, we are happy to help anytime.

Kindly proceed to book your tutors only if you agree with the above structure of our one -one session.  We work together with the student and the parent to make it an effective learning environment. Thank you for choosing