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“Every child should be encouraged and supported to explore & expand in their interests & academics”

Deepa Sadula, Founder

The goal is to inspire development in the early stages of life, provide them with academic knowledge and social skills, and cultivate an extensive understanding of their chosen paths for their future with motivation and ease.


It’s our focus to support every child, no matter their potential talents or skills, before taking our courses. Anyone who has the dedication and perseverance to last, can succeed regardless of their performance. It’s our guarantee that every student who’ll finish our classes will have gained valuable knowledge and get more curious about the subject.

With this approach, it gives us an advantage over our competitors, who are only selecting high-performing children and raising them up to mastery. 

The goal is to inspire development in the early stages of life and give them the academic knowledge, social skills, and extensive understanding of their chosen paths with motivation and ease.


We have a remarkable 95% success rate who have passed both academic and extracurricular exams. Our achievements include 11+ grammar school exams, ABRSM Music Grade Exams, and Junior London Chess Tournaments.

We conducted 3500 classes , children have taken 7000+ practice exercises for our 50+courses. As an educator we deeply understand that talent is not rare in this world. What is rare is talent & motivation & focus on mastery. A student’s failure more often stems from inadequate instruction and not from lack of ability. To counter this problem, we use a hybrid learning model (Accelerate Mastery) to ensure that more children get results and achieve the mastery they need. Besides excellence in education, our tech platform also features a state-of-the-art learning management system with intensive practices, weekly learning objectives, documentation of progress, materials, assessments, and feedback systems to further promote growth and achieve results. 


We worked with 100+ tutors. With a high standard in the selection process, we have partnered up with the finest tutors in each field. These tutors have achieved success in each of their fields and are ready to pass down their experience. This passionate set of educators comprises a group of artists, performers, professionals, players, and masters who not only impart knowledge but also influence students with the mindset and attitude to succeed.


We have a 7days support system. It’s important for us to receive feedback and provide support to our customers. Thus, our customer service provides parents with outstanding help to ensure their children can achieve their dreams through our realistic and well-structured courses.


Mastery is NO Mystery with us...

Welcome to our EdTech platform! We are a selective marketplace dedicated to connecting children aged 6-13 years with highly skilled tutors who deliver our curated courses online,
designed to ensure clear learning outcomes and measurable progress.


HUNARly classes or programs include after-school courses, weekend workshops, summer camps, or online courses. We we understand the importance of providing a structured and guided learning experience where children can receive instruction, practice, and collaborate with peers who share similar interests.


We cover a wide range of subjects such as Music, Art, coding, English, Maths and more. We prepare children for various exams like 11plus Grammar Schools, ABRSM Music Grades, Chess Tournaments, Drawing Competitions and more.


We take pride in our rigorous selection process for tutors, ensuring that only qualified and experienced educators join our platform. Our tutors are experts in their respective fields, equipped with the skills and knowledge to deliver effective and engaging online lessons with personalized attention. To guarantee learning outcomes, we assign the most suitable tutor to each course based on their expertise and teaching style. This ensures that the course content is delivered in a well-structured manner, tailored to the needs of the learners.

Parents have the flexibility to select courses for their children directly from our user-friendly website. They can browse through our curated course offerings, read detailed course descriptions, and choose the ones that align with their child’s interests and learning goals.


Join our platform and embark on a journey of structured and outcome-oriented learning for your child. Together, let’s empower them to achieve their full potential in a well-guided and nurturing online environment.




HUNARly envisions our technology-powered learning platform to enable more children to become the creators, makers, and visionaries of the world.  

Why choose HUNARly Online Courses?

Our Mission: We strive to get real results.

Passing an exam, winning a competition, or getting the certifications is a rewarding experience for a child and it reassures that they are on the right track towards excellence. Let’s complete the journey together with our well-structured courses. Join today!

Our Aspirations – Operational Excellence to Get Real Results: Our goal is to help children excel by providing them with classes that give a clear path which they can master. This guidance allows them to perform effectively and live to their potential. We believe that every child, if given the right guidance and tools, has the power to make a difference.

Why Only Few Get to a Mastery?

Research shows that only <20% can reach mastery level in Academics & extracurricular. Some of the reasons of why only few get to excel in a skill:

• Lack of motivated and focused instructions to uplift an average student to mastery level.

• Mastering a skill is a long term commitment of time and money.

• Difficulty in finding the right tutor and guidance. So many parents send children to near by classes to keep them engaged.

It is not lack of ability that stops children from succeeding. Children learn at different speed and we should give them the needed time & direction to shine from within.

Our solution aims to enable MORE students reach mastery in their learning

How we do?

The classes are delivered online by our top handpicked tutors who are high academic achievers, artists, players, and educators. These live interactive lessons are underpinned with a cutting-edge learning management system and a guidance framework that brings children so much close to their bigger goals. We are in it together!

Effective learning methods that we combine with technology driven platform:

We implement a Hybrid learning model of Mastery & Accelerated methods wrapped by technology.  

In Mastery Learning a student must master a topic before moving on. If mastery is not reached, the student receives support and guidance. The student is then reassessed until the student reaches mastery. 

Students do deliberate practices using our online practice too. Their progressions are broken down into believable levels, that they must achieve. They learn more in less time.

Students do deliberate practices using our online practice too. Their progressions are broken down into believable levels, that they must achieve. They learn more in less time.

For any kind of partnerships, collaborations, course information or just to say hello, please email us