Must-Knows of HUNARly Edtech services

At HUNARly we leverage technology to deliver high quality online classes to children, so that they learn more in less time, thereby reduce the mastery attainment gap.

What is HUNARly and how does it work? is an Edtech platform for children (6-13yrs) we nurture talent, drive mastery, and prepare them to conquer competitions, exams and become visionary creators of the world. We prepare children online from beginners to exam level preparation and beyond.
In 2023, we opened our first HYBRID Learning Centre in East London, Barking IG118EQ. A vibrant and dynamic learning center, bustling with energy and filled with engaged students in classroom and enthusiastic tutors are online. We are local and accessible. (just 3min walk from Barking station)

What kind of online courses do we conduct?

On the mastery learning curve, we support you with various courses to enroll like Concept Mastery, Exam Revision & Intensive Practices, Booster Lessons, Mocks, and One-Ones. Academics (GCSE, 11plus, and Booster lessons in English, Maths, and Science). Extracurricular (Piano, Guitar, Chess, Quizzes, Drawing and more.) We prepare children to various tests, exams, tournaments and competitions which are considered as milestones to towards the excellence.

What are we really good at? Why HUNARly 🙂

Children learn more in less time with us due to our accelerated approach and mastery learning methods we follow in our teaching. We are a proactive team providing well structured, results-oriented live courses for exam preparation, conducted by handpicked expert tutors. Parents can let go the burden to sit down long hours to do homework with their kids, because of our easy to use Learning management portal has instant marking of online practices, reports, recap videos or recordings, and progress tracking. Not to forget, we also send out friendly class start time reminders to the parents so that no lesson is missed by the child.

How to Enrol for the Courses?

GROUP Lessons: If you are interested in any of your group lessons then check our timetable and click on the last column "ENROL" here: Enroll me in - HUNARly
One-to-One Lessons: If you are interested in One-to-One lessons, then we can arrange the classes anytime at your convenience within 5days with our top quality tutors, whatsapp: 07393129963

Why do we need One-to-One Lessons when Group lessons are economic?

We highly recommend the private lessons to complement group lessons. One-to-One lessons are needed to fine-tune a child's understanding of the subject. These sessions can also be used for counselling, evaluation, revisions and also for exam readiness.

Are there any Demo Lessons?

GROUP Lessons: You can know how our classes run by having a look at the glimpse of the class published in the course description. You can also join our weekly free activities & masterclasses by our tutors to understand the quality of our sessions. Our reviews talk a lot about our classes too. We are confident that your child will be pleased to join our interactive classes. However, you can have a paid demo lesson too. One-to-One Lessons: Before joining our classes we offer a free 30min trial lesson to assess your child's ability and needs.

What is the fee for the courses?

All the course fees which is listed on the website have prices for the group lessons from £7 - £12per hour Online Academics & Extracurricular Courses, UK | HUNARly. One-to-One lessons range from £18 - £25 depending on the subject and skill level. Whatsapp 07393129963 for knowing specific subject fees.

Do we have any certificate after completing the course?

Yes, all our courses are provided with Certificate of Course Completion. If your child has completed any course with us, watch this video to download your certificate:

What does 'HUNARly' mean?

For those who are curious about word ‘HUNAR’, it means Skill/Talent in Hindi and we are all about finding highly talented teachers and curate the course so well, that the young children get inspired to learn more and get closer to their goals.

How does it work? Online Classes and Classroom Lessons?

Our live online classes involve set meeting times using Zoom/Other video conferencing software. Parents are often surprised at the fantastic learning experiences that can occur through an online format and not to forget about the other conveniences such as saving travel time and money-saving.
Our in classroom lessons are HYBRID learning model, which means that the tutor will be online, and students will be in class. Having tutors online help us provide a consistent delivery of lessons and access to expert tutors across the country. The lessons are delivered on a state-of-art technology of Education TV and video conference setups. The main online tutor is supported with an in-class assistant tutor who helps in monitoring, marking, making sure children understand the concepts well. Future of learning is here!

Should I choose HUNARly's Online or Classroom lessons?

ONLINE CLASSES is a convenience service to busy parents.
Children with good enough interest in the subject and are able to interact well in the online setup should continue with the online classes. Online also saves travel time for busy parents.
CLASSROOM LESSONS are a luxury service to busy parents
Children who want all 5 senses to stay active and absorb the environment should definitely attend our classroom based lessons. We made an extra effort to keep our classrooms well lit & have an inspiring atmosphere for the learners. Classroom lessons are also good for children who need that extra bit of monitoring, or support during the lessons, which can be hard when parents are busy during the class time. Classroom lessons are also for those children who can get easily distracted with online classes when tutor is not talking to them, they turn off the camera and loose attention. Special goodies to students attending classroom lessons are provided to encourage our initiative of local learning space which is more than the regular tuition centre.

What are the benefits of HUNARly compared to other learning centres?

Guaranteed Learning Outcomes. HUNARly focuses on small-group, live, interactive, online classes, delivering excellent learning experiences. We provide results-oriented and very affordable courses. Also, we are the only platform in the UK to blend structured curriculum-based learning with a proper progression plan for the learners. This format provides a high degree of social interaction between learners and teachers.

What kind of technology and materials do I need?

For our live classes, we encourage your learners to participate in their natural learning environment, using the device of their choice. HUNARly works on all major web browsers, and we use Zoom/Other VC for live video meetings. You’ll need a working webcam and microphone, and a solid internet connection.
For children attending in the classroom, should bring along their Student file, worksheets, notebook and pen.

Are Tutors approachable?

Children tend to join lessons for their teachers more than the classes itself. Our team of tutors and staff are very friendly and approachable. HUNARly's practices and assignments are meant to be strictly followed. Therefore our systems are strict but not our tutors. This creates a welcoming environment for the children.

What kind of quality or vetting do you do for your classes?

We review the professional background and education of all teachers and select for those who have teaching experience, subject matter expertise, or a unique passion they want to share with young learners. Each class is reviewed and approved by our team before public listing, ensuring every class meets our standards for unique content, learning goals, teacher expertise, class experience, and more. We also watch class recordings and share suggestions with teachers on how to improve.

Our Interventions

• We monitor teacher review scores, attendance, and responsiveness to messages. • We investigate reports of bad behaviour and take actions as appropriate. • We may limit a teacher's activity or ultimately remove them from HUNARly. • We will warn or remove learners who disrupt classes for others.