Welcome to your Week 1 Maths Mock Test - GL


1. The time allowed is 50 minutes for 50 questions.

2. This is a multiple-choice test and each question carries 1 Mark.

3. Please get a pencil and papers ready to work out solutions.

4. No Marks are lost for an incorrect answer.


John is recording the exterior angles of a pentagon. Find the size of the exterior angle at D. Note: Figure not drawn to scale.

King George planted a pine when he was 10 years old. He died in 1936 aged 70.How old is the tree in 2012?

Elly is making 480 grams of fruit custard. 20% of the weight is banana, 0.35 of theweight is apple, a quarter of the weight is corn flour and milk. 5% of the weight is driedfruits and the rest is pineapple. How many grams of pineapple does she use?

A regular polygon has 35 diagonals. How many sides does this polygon have?

The diagram shows two identical rectangles.The coordinates of B are (5, 3).What are the coordinates of D?

John and Joanna are drinking soda from the same bottle. The bottle contains 1300 ml ofsoda. John drinks 60% more than Joanna. How much does Joanna drink, if together theyhave finish the entire bottle?

What is the smallest number of additional squares which must be shaded so that thisfigure has at least one line of symmetry?

Adam wants to buy some cupcakes and soda cans for a housewarming party. Thecupcakes are available in packs of 8 and cans are available in packs of 18. If he wants tobuy the same number of cupcakes and soda cans, what is the minimum number he canbuy?

Here is a 2 cm square grid. Some of the grid is shaded.What is the area that is shaded?

Which of the following is the shortest period of time?

Jenny's piggy bank is a pentagonal pyramid with the lid being the pentagonal face. In how many ways can she turn the lid so that it still fits the piggy bank?

Rian has his class at 7 pm. He looks into the mirror and thinks it's 20 minutes to his class.What is the actual time left to start the class?

A carpenter makes windows. This is the formula for his pay per day.Amount in £ = 1.5 x number of windows made in a day + 2If he made 4 windows everyday last week, what was his pay for the week?

Anna, Genny, and Gwen each have a different number of candies.The average of candies with Anna and Gwen is 65.The average of candies with Genny and Gwen is 42.In total, they have 164 candies.How many candies are with Anna?

The diagram shows a swimming pool. It has a cuboidal shape.The pool is half filled. How many litres of water are there in the pool?Note: 1000 cm3 = 1 L

The table shows the ages of some club members.If the members are arranged in order from youngest to the oldest, who will be in thesecond position?

The figure given below contains 1 circle and 4 quarter circles of identical radiusdrawn inside a rectangle. Find the area of the unshaded region.Use Π = 3.14.

Which arrow points to the number 75000?

Which of these numbers is smallest?

The following is a distance-time graph of a person's journey: What is the speed of the person from 30 min to 50 min?

In a mixed bowl of ice-cream, there is 40% more vanilla ice-cream than butterscotchice-cream. Write down the ratio of the weight of butterscotch ice-cream to vanillaice-cream in the simplest form.

Below are the scores of the maths Olympiad practice tests for six students.If they are arranged in order from largest to smallest, which will be in the fourth position?

78     46    -22    -14     21     -18

Calculate the area of the shaded region.

A region has 60 people. The table shows some information about them.How many people have blonde hair?

One of these watches is 2 minutes slow. The other watch is 4 minutes fast.What is the correct time?

In an office of 50 employees, 30% like burgers and 26% like pizza. If a fifth of theemployees like both the items, how many employees do not like either of the items?

John writes the following numbers.1 2 4 5 6 8 12 15. Which number from John's list is not a factor of 60?

Here is a pattern of some shapes.Write the letters of the two shapes which are Hexagons.

This shape is made up of equilateral triangles. What is the order of rotational symmetry of this shape?

John is using the map given below to travel from P to Q.He can only walk south or west. How many different possible ways are there to travel from P to Q?

In the figure angle ABC = 96°. What is angle BDA?

The figure below consists of a rectangle and 2 isosceles right angled triangles.Find the area of the unshaded region.

The manager of Primark recorded the size of sandals sold one evening.3 3 8 7 6 4 6 4 8 3 4 6 10 3 4 10What is the median size of the sandals?

A shop sells stickers at different prices. The cheapest stickers in the shop cost 12p each.Jenny has one £20 note and five £1 coins with her. What is the maximum number of stickers that she can buy, if she chooses the cheapest stickers?

The first four terms of a sequence are 3 8 15 24 What will the 7th term of this sequence be?

Which of the following points are inside the rectangle?

Linda bought laptop from Amazon during a sale offering a 30% reduction on all items. It costher £1260. How much did she save?

The cube shown in the picture below is painted on the entire outer surface and then cut into64 small cubes. How many small cubes have only one face painted?

A clothes store has the following offers on dresses. If Anna buys 3 dresses each costing £50, what is the difference between the cost of theseoffers?

The following figure shows of a triangle inside a half circle. Find the area of the circlethat is not covered by the triangle.Use Pi = 3.14.

80 children chose their favourite activity. The chart shows the results How many children chose writing as their favourite activity?

The perimeter of a regular dodecagon is 7 times the perimeter of a regular hexagon. Eachedge of the regular hexagon is 5 cm long.(Note: A Dodecagon is a polygon with 12 edges)How long is each edge of the regular dodecagon?

Emma was born on 15th September 1997. Her mum is exactly 32 years older than her. Inwhich year was her mum born?

In a Black Friday sale, all prices in Tesco are 20% less than normal. Over Christmas allprices in Tesco are 20% more than normal. Harry bought a coffee mug in the Black Fridaysale for £4.80. What would be the price of this mug over christmas?

A solid cube is painted on the outside. The cube is then cut into 27 small cubes of equal size.What is the ratio of the number of small cubes with 3 faces painted to the number of smallcubes with 1 face painted?

This graph shows the heights of players at a cricket club. How many players have a height of 191 cm or less?

Find the value of a in degrees.

Adam rolled an ordinary dice 15 times.The frequency table gives information about his results. What is his mean score corrected to one decimal place?

Here is a 5 - sided spinner. The spinner is fair. What is the probability of getting a primenumber when we spin it?

A group 3 boys and 2 girls are to be selected from 6 boys and 8 girls. In how many ways can this be done?